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Effective nonprofits and higher education institutions make the world a better place. ImagineCRM can relate to the needs of stakeholders in your organization because of our own personal experiences.


Hi! I'm Daisy.

I'm the founder of ImagineCRM. As a Salesforce Certified Administrator & Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, I am an experienced Salesforce architect with a background working at large enterprise technology companies.

I love leveraging Salesforce to help nonprofits by solving their pain points & establishing successful operational processes.

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Hi! I'm Kyle.

I'm a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer ISalesforce Certified Platform App Builder Salesforce Certified Administrator with a background in object-oriented programming and video game design.

With a passion for learning, I aim to provide dynamic solutions to help organizations automate their business needs. As the top CRM platform on the market, I'm interested in bringing the power of Salesforce to the people.

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Hi! I'm Myke.

As a Salesforce Certified Administrator, I love the challenge of working with clients who are energetic about improving their business model with Salesforce.

I'm an experienced business consultant with a diverse background in process systems improvement, marketing strategies and mentorship working in the nonprofit & for-profit sector.

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Hi! I'm Mona.

I'm a Salesforce Certified Administrator and Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant. My background consists of helping global sales and support teams tackle complex business challenges and tailor solutions based on needs and resources. I thrive in helping both for and non-profit businesses. 

I also enjoy introducing  Salesforce to the community  through various volunteer initiatives, especially for youth, veterans, and women.

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Hi! I'm Julia.

I'm a Salesforce consultant who rotates through all the phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC). I currently attend Syracuse University and have a passion for understanding business' most pressing problems and using technology to solve those issues. My insatiable appetite for learning and perfecting my technical skill set has led to volunteering for a variety of nonprofit organizations.

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What We Believe

Technology isn’t quite as complicated as it’s made out to be. Our approach is to provide efficient and simple solutions that align with your mission, objectives, and team. We’ll give you an effective recommendation for your technology components & scope of services. 

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